Get up to $1,000 for
successful fixed-term

At Avidian Recruitment we understand how hard you work and deeply appreciate your loyalty, so we want to reward you through our Loyalty Rewards Program! Our rewards program recognises the hard work you have put in to fulfilling roles sourced through Avidian, and whether you have fulfilled a locum, fixed-term contract, or full-time role – we want to reward you for undertaking your employment journey with us.

Upon securing and completing shifts through Avidian Recruitment, you will be rewarded with gift cards worth ranging from $250 to $1000 for successful locum placements and fixed term contract roles.

Terms and Conditions apply.

Locum Register

$250 Gift Card

Upon completing your first 5 placements.


$500 Gift Card

For all fixed term contracts of at least 6 months.

Fixed Term Contracts

$1,000 Gift Card

For ALL fixed term contracts of at least 6 months.

We appreciate you.
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Invite your friends and
colleagues to receive
even more rewards.

Know of a friend or colleague searching for work? Avidian Recruitment wants to thank you for your referrals by offering a range of rewards for referrals for locum placements as well as full-time contracts.

If your referral is for a locum role, we will send you a $100 gift card upon successful completion of their first placement. If your referral is towards filling a vacant full time or contract role (of at least 6 months) we award you with a $250 gift card upon completion of their probationary period.

four doctors looking over medical job results